Dundee Proud Snow Flurry Twin Oaks Dancers Blue Serenade   Champion Farms On A Roll

DOB: 3/29/10
Reg#: A199140
Sex: Filly
Color:  Sorrel pinto

Sire: Ravenwood I Stand Proud                   
Dam: Just a Hobby Buckeroo Little Snowy

DOB: 6/21/1998
Reg#: A 96514
Size:   31.25
Solid Gray

Flying W Farms Little Wardance           
Dam: Flying W Farms Blues Shallamar Gold

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DOB: 4/10/99
Reg#: A102320  R218832A
Size:   29”
Color: Sorrel

Sire: Glenn Stars High Roller 
Dam: Sweetwaters Polly Cracker                  

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Lucky Four Black Velvet Kalico Kat   Little Kings BW Moet   RHA Magnolia Locomotion


DOB: 4/10/2000
Reg#: A112183  R253975
Size:    32”
Color:  Sorrel  & White pinto

Sire: Little Kings Black Velvet    
Dam: Lucky Four Coco Chanel 

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DOB: 6/8/2003
Reg#: A146519
Size:    32” 
Color: Buckskin  

Sire:  Little Kings Buckwheat   
Dam:  Mayapple Farm Moon Maid    
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DOB: 4/13/04
Reg#: A150150   R244699T
Size:    30.75
Color: Silver Bay

Sire: Kickapoo’s Nickelodeon    
Dam: Caylee’s Champagne on Ice

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Just A Hobby Buckaroo Little Snowy  Ravenwood Pandoras Box   Dundee Proud Paisley

DOB: 5/16/04
Reg#: A151796
Size:   31”
Color:  Chestnut

Sire: Little Kings Buckeroo Bandolero   
Sweetwaters Little Snowflake


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DOB: 6/25/2004   
Reg#: A158730
Size:    33.75
Color: Cremello

Sire:  ERL Buck N Velvet
Dam:  Sweetwaters Sierra Dawn


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DOB: 4/22/09
Reg#: A199724
Color:  Gray/white pinto

Sire:  Ravenwood I Stand Proud                   
Dam: Twin Oaks Dancers Blue Serenade     


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Lucky Four Black Velvet Beauty Buck   Willow Creeks Supreme Sensation   Willow Creeks Supreme Perfection

Toni Reece


DOB: 08/15/2006
Reg#: A 173652
Size: 33.5  
Color:  Black

Sire: Little Kings Black Velvet           
Dam: Little Kings Star Waltz



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DOB: 4/21/05
Reg#: A161482
Size:    29.5

Sire: Lucky Four Black Velvet Supreme
Dam: Grosshill Kings Little Empress

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Reg#: A163047  R274382A
Size:    31.25
Color:  Black

Sire: Lucky Four Black Velvet Supreme      
Dam: Grosshill Boogermans Perfection


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Libertys Royal Dalliance Dundee Gatsbys Easter Bunny    Dundee Gatsbys Goodbye Girl 

DOB: 3/20/06

Color: Buckskin

Sire: Boones Little Buckeroo Cody          

Dam: Libertys Wonders Royalty



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DOB: 4/16/06               
Reg#: A182274
Color:  Bay

Sire: LM Hawks Great Gatsby                  
Dam:  Rolling Ridge Royal Tiffany 

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DOB: 5/13/07
Reg#: A198738
Color:  Buckskin

Sire:  LM Hawks Great Gatsby 
Dam: Ravenwood Pandoras Box

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Dundee Black Velvet Quintessence  Dundee Marisol By Design    Fallen Ash Eagles Juno  


Reg#: A185019 
Color:  Pinto-Black/white

Sire: Libertymeres Velvet Buckaroo      
Dam: Lucky Four Black Velvet Kalico Kat



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DOB: 4/27 /08
Reg#: A198737
Color:    Bay

Sire: Fallen Ash Farms Scouts Dark Design          
Dam: Champion Farms On A Roll 


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DOB: 5/10/08
Reg#: A186344
Color: Bay pinto 

Sire: Fallen Ash Scouts Most Wanted  
Dam: Dam: Fallen Ash Farms Eaglesong

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Ravenwood Aristocrats Xs and Os Brookhaven Ariat By Design   Dundee Proud To Be Me


DOB: 5/10/08
Reg#: A187962
Color: Bay pinto

Sire: SRF Aristocrat   
Dam: Fallen Ash Eagles Hug Me Tight  

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DOB: 3/6/09
Reg#: A195563
Color:   Black pinto

Sire: Fallen Ash Farm Scouts Dark Design      
Lucky Four Smokes Snow Boots

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DOB: 4/2/09
Reg#:  A201938
Color: Buckskin pinto

Sire:  Ravenwood I Stand Proud                
Dam:  Ravenwood Pandoras Box

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